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Draft Concept Paper
Earth Charter+10 Proposal (2010)
(Note: This is a draft and as such it is expected to go through
a number of revisions before being finalized)

This Concept Paper outlines a proposal for activities that should take place throughout 2010 marking the 10th anniversary since the launch of the Earth Charter. The main idea is to use this opportunity (Earth Chater+10) as a momentum to scale up the outreach and impact of the Earth Charter.

This will be realised by several means, including special events in different parts of the world and multiple local actions in which numerous people could participate.

Earth Charter International would like to encourage Affiliates, Advisors, Volunteers and Partners to organize local, national and regional meetings in the context of EC+10. It is envisioned that, in 2010, there will be at least one major Earth Charter gathering in each region of the world. In addition, it is expected that a number of smaller local gatherings will take place, in different locations, which will occur simultaneously. ECI suggests Earth Day, April 22, as the day for affiliates, volunteers and partners to organize these local gatherings, public events or workshops in order to further promote and raise awareness about the Earth Charter.

During the first two weeks of November 2009, the EC Initiative network will be invited to participate, through an on-line forum, in the process of thinking through the best ways to achieve and improve the purposes and goals outlined below.

The general purpose of Earth Charter+10 is to advance the Mission and Vision of the Earth Charter Initiative. In addition, the the EC+10 will seek to:

• clearly position the EC Initiative as an inspirational, dynamic and global civil society movement; and

• to encourage a positive conceptualization of the future by using the Earth Charter as a framework to address key world challenges, issues and priorities.

The goals of the Earth Charter+10 series of events and efforts should build on the existing goals of the Earth Charter Initiative specially:
1. To raise awareness worldwide of the Earth Charter and to promote understanding of its inclusive ethical vision.
2. To promote the use of the Earth Charter as an ethical guide and the implementation of its principles by civil society, business, and government.
3. To encourage and support the educational use of the Earth Charter in schools, universities, religious communities, local communities, and many other settings.
In addition, EC+10 will aim to
 share experiences on how the Earth Charter has been used in effective and beneficial ways.
 generate a new set of goals and priorities for the way forward and the next decade of the Earth Charter Initiative.

Slogans under consideration

EC+10 will seek to have a primary theme as common slogan for all activities. Proposed slogans are:
a) The Earth Charter: Reflection and Action for Our Common Future

b) The Earth Charter: inspiration for a just and sustainable future

c) Working together to foster a sustainable future: The Earth Charter Initiative

d) Earth Charter, the world beyond national boundaries

Feedback on these and new suggestions are welcome.

2010 Calendar of EC+10 events

The following is a list of major events that are already being planned specifically for this occasion (which is mainly due to the commitment and capacity of local partner organizations). In addition, efforts should be made to have some activies around the Earth Charter as part of other on going important international gatherings (for which a a calendar is in the process of being created).

Jan-February April June September October December

On-line forum on the relevance and value of the Earth Charter to emerging issues such as climate change
April 22:
Earth Day
Launch of EC+10 year

simultaneous local gatherings and

Major event in Mexico

(mainly organized by the Government of Mexico)
June 29:
Major event in Holland

(mainly organized by NCDO)

Sept. 9-12:
Australia-Pacific EC Festival in Brisbane,

(mainly organized by the EC Queensland Committee in Australia)
Oct. 20 - 23:
Southeast Asia
EC+10 Conference Taiwan

Ancient Wisdom, sustainable futures.

(mainly organized by TESA)
Dec. 2-4:
Major event in Ahmedabad, India

Closing of the EC+10 year effort and launch of new strategy/priorities

(mainly organized by the Center for Environment Education)

• Earth Charter International Council, Commissioners and Advisors.
• Earth Charter Affiliates
• Earth Charter Youth Groups and Youth Network
• Earth Charter Task Forces, Volunteers
• Partners
• Concerned organizations and individuals

Resource Mobilization
The leading organizing partner of each of the above mentioned major events, as well as for local events, will be responsible for resource mobilization and will work together with ECI Secretariat on the design and organization of these events.

Promotion and Communication
ECI Communication Task Force is in the process of working on elements to help further promote this endeavour and organize media activities. We are making a call for volunteer brainstorming on this issue and offering a space for sharing ideas through an on-line forum.

Expected Results
• Enhanced public and governmental awareness of the tremendous value of the Earth Charter as an ethical framework and foundation for personal and organisational action and policy-making.

• Establishment of new priorities and benchmarks for the Earth Charter Initiative.

• Articulation of a new strategy beyond 2010.

• Strengthen the role and capacity of partners and actors to undertake further activities related to the Earth Charter and sustainable development.

• Break-through in global EC awareness effort.

Possible resources or materials to be launched throughout 2010
1. Highlights of the past 10 years - A concise summary report, by the ECI Secretariat, on key accomplishments of the EC Initiative over the past decade.

2. First Annual ECI Report together with GRI report.

3. A special issue of the Education for Sustainable Development Journal focused on the Earth Charter and a Good Practices publication.

4. Interviews gathering opinions about the EC from different parts of the world.

5. Earth Charter and World Religions publication.

6. EC short video spot to be used for TV and events.

7. A publication reflecting and relating Gandhi's messages to the Earth Charter.

8. Youth Leadership Programme - "New Earth Leaders," an exchange programme for young professionals.

Background and Context

The Earth Charter is a product of a decade-long, worldwide, cross cultural dialogue on common goals and shared values. The Earth Charter project began as a United Nations initiative, but it was carried forward and completed by a global civil society initiative. The Earth Charter was finalized and then launched as a people's charter in 2000 by the Earth Charter Commission, an independent international entity.

Since the year 2000, as part of an effort to raise awareness, the Charter and related materials, have been translated into many languages and have been widely disseminated. In addition, numerous publications and activities have been organized. Groups from many parts of the world have endorsed the Earth Charter, used it as an ethical framework for decision-making and utilized it as an educational instrument. Given that 2010 marks 10 years since the launch of the Earth Charter, it will be an important occasion to celebrate achievements, identify the roadblocks and the progress, and better position the Earth Charter, particularly with regards to key world challenges, agendas and priorities.

The PIGOP Initiatives To Promote the Earth Charter in Ghana as a contribution to the 2010 Calendar of EC+10 events

THE PIGOP Programs schedule for the year 2010

All the programs to be conducted in the year 2010 by the PIGOP will be mitigating the EC+10 events of the earth charter international.

The Pigop will formerly Lunch itself as a life partner of the Earth Charter International publicly in Ghana with series of radio programs and educative seminars.
These events will be organized in different part of Ghana; starting from to the Regional Capitals to the cities and then to the remote areas.

Program Line-ups

1. Lunching of the new PIGOP office with youth training facilities' in Kumasi.

2. A Radio program of the same message ‘'The Earths Legacy'' will be organized
across the country as stated above. This will be in a debate/suggestion form.
3. A case study of the old and emerging resources in Ghana will be made and suggestions or comments on their possible effects on the environment drafted to the office or the authorised offices or ministries in charge. (This is going to be review every year for the necessary action to be made by the in-control authority). It will include computerised assessment and reports.

4. A delicate program on how Africans can leave with the Earth Legacy in mind will be organised.
5. Participation in the Earth Charter International/Travel programs as scheduled by the Earth Charter calendar if possible.
6. Meeting of the various partners of the Earth Charter International in Ghana and also organised a general meeting including all the partners to find out how we can meet and operate to help each other.