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NGO Online Course

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster character development from the inside out; by encouraging students to believe in themselves and in they’re potential for success, and by motivating them to take responsibility for their attitudes, behaviors, and actions.

Cathie’s lifetime goal is to encourage youth to always strive for their true potential, set high goals, and believe in themselves, and to foster strong character development from the inside out.

Company Profile

All seminars are tailored to the audience, incorporating drama, humor, and true stories. Cathie has developed over 45 different seminars that deal with issues many teens face, like overcoming obstacles, taking responsibility for one’s actions and education, character development, reading fundamentals, changing the poverty mindset, anger management, stress management, learning disabilities, teenage sexuality, and fitness in the 21st century. Another special program, “From welcome to full inclusion,” helps students to understand those with special needs. If you would like a complete breakdown of the seminars, please feel free to contact our office.

Contact Information Telephone 770.435.5854 Cell Phone 678.644.6462

Postal address 1514 Grace Meadows Lane Smyrna, GA 30082

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It isn’t enough just to dream about a better world, it takes action! At the Safe Haven Summit on Service, we’ll show you how. In one week, you’ll learn how to become a more effective world citizen, connect with leaders who share your passion and leave “armed” with the wisdom and skills needed to bring your vision into reality. So, come and discover how…

"Finally, students like me will be able to see that there are opportunities to do good, and that there need not be a barrier between ambition and an urge to serve others."

Luke Lapointe (RI) 2006 Summit Alumnus

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